Friday, May 22

Friday Eve May 22nd ... The Pool Pump & Filter Put On Hold Today......

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The installation of the pump, hoses and filter on our swimming pool had to be placed on hold today. The duck house door was ready to fall off, due to the hinges being bent and twisted by the high winds of last week. We went to GNH Lumber, where we picked up some new heavy duty hinges and 5” lag bolts to bolt the door into place, so we could remove the hinges and install 4x4 post material on the corner, for a solid hinge foundation. Once in place and bolted solid with the 5” bolts, we installed the new hinges and replaced the trim work. Tomorrow, we will go to GNH again and pick up about six 6” lag screws and put them into the 4x4” posts to make sure they are anchored and capable of handling the 6’ x8’ wooden door swinging open and closed.

Jeff came today some time in the morning or early afternoon and cut the relief cut line across the concrete pad. Now we can build when we’re ready. We will also install a flex drain pipe all around the footer and install the two ends into the pipe drain that goes under the pad.

Sounds like a good work day tomorrow would be to get the swimming pool ready for operation so Vick can finish the filling, using the garden hose. Then we can work on the drain installation and then go to the actual wall building on the hospice house. We Can always work on the Bunny Brothel door and stuff at will, because it’s all out of the weather anyway. It sure would be nice to put the DeWalt saw away though.

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