Saturday, May 23

Sat May 23rd... We Must, We Must, We Must Increase Our... Pool Depth!!!

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Today, above all else needing completed...... We Must install the rest of the pool parts, so we can continue to fill the pool to have it ready for the swimming season. According to tradition of many, many years, the swimming season runs from Memorial Day, which is Monday, through September 7th, the Labor Day weekend. All we have to do is place the filter/pump assembly into position and install the skimmer hose to the pump and the pump discharge hose to the eyeball assembly and then we can resume filling the pool. If Vick returns to filling as before, the pool will be ready to use on Monday. By the end of today, we could probably run the pump and add the chemicals.

We will then go to the Hospice Gift Shop and start to build. We’ll save the Bunny Brothel work for a rainy day, when we can work inside. We’ll still have to install batten strips on a nice day, but they aren’t that important.

We’re looking forward to the building of the Hospice Gift Shop. It has seemed like a dream that wasn’t ever going to take place, but with the pouring of the foundation, we have a renewed excitement brewing for that project. Getting it up and running to generate funds for hospice, looks like a reality again and we’re psyched! Stay tuned for progressive pictures.

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