Friday, June 19

Friday June 19th... No Farmer’s Market This Week... No Surprise Either......

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Well folks... today’s the day and we had better make the best of it! I’d say the farmers market, scheduled for Saturday morning is off! We won’t have another clear day until Friday of next week. According to the weather report for the next ten days, they are calling for everything from showers to torrential downpours and thunderstorms. That’s a full six days of rain or the threat thereof.

We are therefore, going to work on the hospice gift shop today, even though the grass is definitely in need of mowing. The banks of the Pupskill Bay Lake Pond, are overflowing with weeds (also, with water after the rain) because we have not mowed it properly since the wild geese were raising their young there and we didn’t want to scare them. Perhaps, Vick can run the mower when I am doing the gift shop and there is nothing she needs to do. I can also run the mower this evening after it is too dark to build. There is a great set of headlights on the Deere, so you can comfortably mow after dark, as long as you care to.

All’s well with the critters and later today, we’ll let them loose. Right after we return from getting hair cuts, which have been scheduled for a week or so. We’ll receive our hair cuts at 1:00 and grab a bite afterwards, then come home and turn everyone loose and get to work. Hopefully this will all occur without incident and we can post a few updated pictures of the gift shop this evening.

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