Thursday, June 18

Thurs June 18th... Well... This was definitely a “Sleep In” Day here!!!!!...

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I was awake this morning at six o’clock and I heard the rain hitting the air conditioner in the window. That caused me to think of last evenings closing statement, in which I mentioned “rolling over, pulling the covers up around your neck and going back to sleep...” Well... that’s just what I did this morning... until about nine o’clock! It must have rained most of the night, because when I looked at the swimming pool, I noticed it was within two inches of overflowing. I will have to remove almost four inches of water for the skimmer to work properly. Right now, the water is above the opening to the skimmer and if it rains all day as they are calling for, it will run over the top..... Or at least out the skimmer cover.

Since it is entirely too wet to work outside today... I guess this would be a very good day to go shopping for a few items we need. I enjoy shopping with Vick. It gives me an excuse to walk beside her, holding her hand or walking with my arm around her. I always get yelled at by the clerks and cashiers for hugging or kissin’ her, or dancin’ in the isles. We once heard a check-out clerk at a register chiming, “No hugging in the check-out line....” Anyway... we always find a little cozy café or a quaint little restaurant for a bite to eat and then return to shopping. What an enjoyable day when it is so nasty outside. You guys that don’t do it should try it once in a while... It’s not all giving; I want you to know.... you get a bunch of cuddling and lovin’ in return!!

Speaking of rainy days... I sure hope the Cultural Center gives rain tickets for vendors at their Farmers Market on the lawn of the Cultural Center this Saturday... because we paid the fee to set-up and sell eggs and hospice gifts and considering the predicted weather.... we’ll be doin’ nuttin’ there too. You know... for all the nuttin’s we’re always doing.... I sure get tired of nuttin’.

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