Wednesday, June 17

Wed. June 17th... Worked on the building for a little while anyway......

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We took Vick’s Dad to the therapy session this afternoon at 3:00 PM. After that was over, we stopped by Hairtique, for Anita to get a hair cut. While Vick and Anita went inside, Joe and I sat in the car, relaxing and watching a guy trying to move a huge section of an expensive looking machine tool into a doorway appearing too small for the machine.
When we returned home, I went to work on the hospice gift shop. Since there was really nothing for Vick to help with, she went inside and processed eggs, so we would be ready for Saturday’s Farmer’s Market in Greenville. I installed four roof rafters, before deciding to do the lay out work, then mark and cut the notches for the fly rafters on the end. I stopped when Kenny and Katie arrived to take Joe and Anita home. After saying our good-byes and helping them load up, Vick and I went to work and we completed the rafter notches. Vick had finished the eggs earlier, so we decided to knock off and go for dinner so we could be back by dusk, to put all the birds away, collect eggs and feed everyone so we could call it a day before it got late.

Tomorrow, we’ll install all the finished rafters, the tie boards for the fly rafters and with Vick handing rafters up to me on the ladder, we’ll finish in short order. Nothing will interrupt us tomorrow, because we are back to our normal routine again. Perhaps I’ll start out at 6:00 Am again with coffee and cake. There’s nothing like cranking up at sunrise!! (Unless, perhaps it would be rolling over, pulling the covers up around your neck and going back to sleep... which I do on a rainy morning sometimes!) ((Hummm, sucks to be retired sometimes, ya know it?))

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