Wednesday, June 17

Wed. June 17th... Working on gift shop today is of Top Priority... or something else...

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Ever notice how my planning goes right out the window? Did you ever wonder if I do what I plan to do in the first place? Have you ever wondered if I know which end is up? Well the answer to all of these is...... I don’t know nuttin’!
Oh... I plan to do things in a certain order, but I never miss an opportunity to do everything as it becomes possible to do, and keeping your itinerary flexible, means you don’t have to worry, the whole world can see you don’t know nuttin’ until it happens! And they can easily tell that you actually don’t have to know nuttin’ about nuttin’ at all, because they can see without any laborious investigation that not knowing nuttin’ at all is perfectly ok, because even though you don’t know nuttin’, you still, somehow get sumpen’ done. Now then... I hope since I made that perfectly clear, it’s much clearer to see nuttin’!!!!

Today we are going to work on the hospice gift shop. I finished the trusses yesterday evening before dinner and cut the end trusses for the fly rafters. All I need to do is notch them and start throwing them up into position and within approximately a half hour or so, we’ll be ready for purlin’s on top. We’ll work on that until Joe is ready for his second therapy session. I’ll knock off then and Vick and I will take him and Anita down to Greenville for his visit and then I guess they’re going home??????????????????????????? I don’t think Joe is really ready, but Anita is! Jeeze, I don’t know what will take place if the therapist says "NO STEPS YET". Joe will probably go home! Little choices, do we sometimes have........

When we return, we’ll pick up on the gift shop again. I’d like to finish it up and get to the rear deck project and at least get the other posts and rafter frames in.
Well... that’s the plan...... and you know I don’t know nuttin’, so we’ll see what happens.

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