Monday, June 1

Mon June 1st... Recovering From Yet Another Fox Attack... A sad Experience!

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Sadly, yesterday I killed a mature, male red fox as it ran across the yard with a live chicken in his grasp. He was heading for the tall grass of the rear field, where he would have finished off the chicken and had his gourmet meal in the woods. These times of human intervention are always a dismal, ceremonial event, which weighs heavily upon your conscience afterward. What about the fox... he was only trying to survive... what of the chicken... doesn’t the hen deserve to live... to be protected too? What if the fox was taking the hen to her litter in a den? What would happen to the little ones? (Thank God it was a male or I’d still be feeling guilty, wondering) Killing a creature to protect our own is not a pleasant thing, but must be done. This is one of the harsh realities of farming... a new experience Vicki keeps telling me she doesn’t care for. I can’t make her see that I don’t care for it either... but that I’ve become visually calloused, but resent it inside. She is changing slowly. I can see it in her actions and hear it in her conversation with me and others as we recount the many tales of woe bestowed upon our critters of the farm. A farmer becomes steadfast and somewhat complacent to the fact that his animals are worth more than God’s other creatures... and to him, they are... but really, they are not. All God’s creatures deserve to live, but God also created all creatures and the food chain which exists between all creatures. (man included)

You must study things thoroughly and honestly if you are to come to the real conclusion in these matters. The fox is not killing... or hunting... or shopping... or sporting. He was living. Surviving. PERIOD. I was not killing... hunting... shopping or sporting either. I was striving to insure survival... simply living as the fox was... except for the fact, that I am at the top of the food chain. (Well really just a notch below the IRS since everyone knows they can devour you) Anyway, there comes a time in life that you must let go of the human aspect and become a creature of God also. All the great knowledge and understanding we receive with God’s gift of superior intelligence, reasoning and conscience in mankind, clouds the real issue of survival of the fittest. It’s really, kind of like they say... dog eat dog... to live... to survive. Putting all the human feelings aside, I did what must be done to insure the survival of ourselves... as farmers and the caretakers we were told to be... caretakers over all the animals.
Life simply stated... you’re born and you die... in between, you live the best you can.

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