Monday, June 1

Mon. June 1st... Slowly, we see the gift shop take shape... Too Slowly...

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We started this morning fairly early, in fact, I went to the barns while Vicki was getting dressed this morning and fed the boys and chickens in the big barn, knocked the hole in the wall where the door will go for the bunny house and then went to the brooding house to feed the babies. I placed the last hatching duck in the incubator, over into the brooding box to eat and drink with the others and when I turned around, the Guinea chick was missing from the incubator. He was just there when I picked up the duck to place it in the other box. I looked all over the shelf and then unto the floor, in case he had fallen. I finally found it in the far corner of the shelf. Any Guinea fowl that can run that fast, is definitely ready for the brooding box, food, water and keeping up with the other older chicks, so I thrust him over into the “box of plenty”!

After a bite of breakfast, we started on the third wall of the gift shop. We started cutting 2x4’s for the floor plate and the top plate, then Vick cut a few wall studs before I realized that the walls were 1” different. The wall toward the road was an inch wider than the wall toward the house. To make a long story short, we spent the next three and a half hours making it right, so by five o’clock this afternoon, we only had the one wall completed.... but it’s all right now, so when it’s time to start again, we can go like we should have gone today. Just as we finished the wall, Vick’s parents called and informed us that they were coming to our house to stay the night, so they were closer and ready to go to the Hudson Hospital tomorrow. Vick’s Father has a torn meniscus which he is having operated on tomorrow morning, after which, he will be staying with us for several days to eliminate steps. Our guest room is downstairs and the bathroom is ten feet away with walls on both sides of the hallway between... A real piece of cake, for someone with knee a problem. We suggested they stay here, because they like the bed in the guest room and they can relax all day long. Joe will be bed ridden for a day or so and then he can sit on the porch and sip coffee and read or watch TV in the living room. Anita, Vick’s Mom, can soak up the sun on the pool deck during the day as she reads her novels, which she loves to do but has no place to really do it. We’ll not even know they are here, because they just do their thing and tell us to go ahead and do ours.

Lumber everywhere... Lots of lumber.

Looking through the opening where the door to the new bunny house will be. This will be our inside entry for winter.

Looking from inside the new bunny house back into the barn.

An "up close look" at where the door goes.
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