Tuesday, June 2

Tues June 2nd... We spent the day at the hospital in Hudson with Joe...

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Vicki’s Dad, Joe... had his operation this morning at Hudson Memorial Hospital and everything went well, except that they took their good old time as usual. We waited an hour and a half in the surgery waiting room after he was taken in and the actual operation was about a half hour procedure. This evening, he is really sore and doesn’t wish to move about too much. He is on pain meds which help deaden the pain, but can never take it completely away. He will have a rough three days and I know how he feels, because I had the very same operation when I was about fifty years old and it was rough enough then. Joe is quite a bit older than that, so you can imagine his discomfort.

We are now finishing up from a hectic, draining day... fed the dogs and other animals late and are ready to crash, so we’ll blog a bit more in the morning over a nice cup of hot coffee and a good nights sleep.....

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