Monday, June 8

Monday June 8th... Got the walls completed and the roof started... then Blammy...

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We got to work this morning and tied in the walls and installed the supports for the ridge board, then threw the ridge board up and installed the first six roof rafters. We can do several more before we run out of material, but Vick has already called Ed Pooters of Middle Field Lumber for the necessary lumber we will need to finish up the roof and fly rafters at the ends. We had company this afternoon from Schoharie. Our friend Joan came with Harvey, her husband. Vick and I met Joan at Paster’s Chiropractic last summer when Vick screwed her back up and everyone up there, except perhaps Jim, wanted to visit the farm..... Dr. Mike Paster included, but this is the first time any of them made it.
Anyway... after they left for home, Vick and I worked on the roof framing until I couldn’t stand to be on the ladder any longer. Hence the Blammy!! I was done! Below are pictures of the roof, the bunny brothel... with bunny installed, the Bantams and alpacas. Enjoy!!!
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Imagine going for a big bite of fresh hay and seeing this pop up!

Lookin' Good!!!

We did what my knees could stand today...

The Boys...

Now that's a HAPPY FACE!!!

We'll finish the roof ASAP

The Bantams

Wuzzie the Rabbit

Dinner time... Yummy Yum Yum...

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