Monday, June 8

Monday June 8th... We’re Back in the Building Mode after several Phone Calls...

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After a lousy nights sleep and lots of unnecessary fuming all night long... I searched the internet and Vick called the sawmill and talked to Ed Pooter’s Jr., who assured us that the lumber is certified #2 building lumber and that we would not have any trouble. He told us that the law had been revised and that you can build a three story structure with rough cut lumber. This is what I thought he told me previously, but I wasn’t sure enough to just shrug it off. Now we know and we will pick up on building again. Actually, we have it in writing from a website now. Vick found it. I’d like to find out why Richie would do such a vindictive thing as wait until we were this far along before making his “It’s illegal... people can be killed statement”. I also wonder why he doesn’t know about the Empire State Forest Products Association, the NYS department of Environmental Conservation and the NYS Building Codes Council's action to amend the code to reinstate the “local option” and permanently adopted it back into law in June of 2003. All sawmill owners were then given workshop training on grading their lumber for building purposes. Ed assured us that he would not be in business if they hadn’t changed the law and he assured us that we have all #2 building lumber and he would supply a certificate if necessary.
Enough of this crap........ Because we have more important things to do! As soon as Vick is ready to go out and start, we’ll pick up where we left off last evening when this stupid business began.

We’re ready to set the ridge board and then place the rafters into place. Once all fitted, we’ll attach tie boards and then with this all finished, I’ll move to digging in the footer drain. After it is in place and covered over and everything is backfilled, we’ll then install the porch deck, posts and tie in the roof with our building rafters to make one slope on the front roof. Richie suggested this one, which was a very good idea and we’ll go with this one!

The young Bantams were sent to the bunny brothel to inhabit it and become familiar with their new world for a week before venturing out into the real world with the other free ranging chickens. Next week, perhaps they will be turned out and the Araucanas will come over for a week too. We’ll see.

Pictures this evening....... stay tuned!

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