Sunday, June 7

Sunday June 7th... Got a door on, then had it Slammed on US, But Good!!

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This day started out really great! I was ailing a little this morning with back and side pain, (Kidney like pain) which finally worked its way out, so we went to the bunny brothel and installed a door frame and the door. We then closed in the soffit all the way around and then moved to the hospice gift shop. We worked on that until my brother-in-law decided to drop the bombshell that we probably won’t be able to pass inspection because of using rough cut lumber...... He says it’s illegal to build a public building with rough cut lumber. He should know; since he is the architect/designer/builder. Needless to say, we aren’t happy.I can't understand why he waited until we purchased the lumber and framed half the building to tell us this. What else could possibly go wrong? We're done for tonight... hopefully tomorrow will be a lot better..........but I don’t know how!

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