Saturday, June 20

Sat. June 20th... They Were Right On The Money With The Weather......

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This morning we got up early, grabbed our eggs and some hospice items, and flew off to the Farmer’s Market in Greenville. The Cultural Society of Greenville is sponsoring it every Saturday morning from 8:00 to 12:00 noon, as a way of perpetuating the town quaintness and boosting tourism.
Once upon a time... before air conditioning and cheap air fare, this area of New York was plastered with resorts, farms and little businesses which flourished in those days. Visitors were tickled to be here and buy our goods and the upstate’s businesses and farmer’s relished the monetary trade income. After air conditioning was made affordable and air fare was reduced by deregulation.... many resorts closed and tourist attractions could no longer survive. The area started to die... Every so many miles, one can see a dilapidated, closed resort, just wasting away and many empty buildings that once housed thriving Mom & Pop family businesses like grocery stores, general stores, gas stations and restaurants. Boy, how everyone here would love to see those days again.
Many people from the city can remember when their Dad’s would go to the city on Monday to work and Mom and the kids stayed here all week long, enjoying the resort, the meals, the entertainment during the hot summer weather in the coolness of the Catskills and their Dad's came back up on Friday evening to spend the week-end. Vick spent her entire life coming here during the summer... living that very life. Joe was a professional entertainer and worked the resorts here in the Catskills, often employed by the same resort for the entire summer as the daytime social director for the people’s children and the parent’s musical entertainment during the evenings. In any event, Vick, her brother and mother and father arrived at the beginning of the season, only to leave at the end of the season, to return to Brooklyn. There he continued to work throughout the fall, winter and spring months entertaining in nightclubs and performing at weddings, parties and Bar Mitzvahs. His yearly vacation actually lasted all summer as he worked in the Catskills. Now, we’re all up here... living day by day and enjoying all the intrinsic beauty that brought thousands of visitors to the Catskills. It’s still here... all the natural beauty folks have come here to see for hundreds of years, yet most of the tourists have stopped coming. I don’t understand why...

Rain, Rain, Rain!! They were calling for it to start this afternoon... and it did... right on schedule and it has continued ever since and is supposed to run into the next several days.

We moved the new ducks from the brooding house in the middle of this rain, into the new bunny brothel with the chicks. As soon as they are big enough to release, we’ll turn them out to roam with the big ducks. Last year, we had the “Rat Pack” of six young ducks to watch all summer... but this summer, we’ll have a group of nine new ducks, walking around with a chip on their feathers... especially if any of the other ducks try to infiltrate their ranks. Ducks are very social, but only within their own little group. Thrust several groups together and just as oil continually separates from water, so will the groups of ducks. The chickens are much the same way too.

Vick is making a special rooster and egg table cloth for the next Farmer’s Market, and we are coming up with several other display items for the front of the table. We are making a centerpiece which will be an egg basket filled with emptied shells to simulate a full wire basket of eggs. We will also empty some duck, turkey, bantam and guinea fowl shells to add to that display, to show how each of the different eggs look. Next we plan to take six empty egg boxes piled on each side of the wire basket and have one box on top with the top open and have it filled with a full dozen shells, which will be glued into the box as displays. It should actually boost the sales at the Farmer’s Market by making them look much more natural and delicious.

The hospice gift shop and rear deck is on weather hold. Now we’ll shift to the barn, bunny pens and wiring in the bunny brothel, because we are due to get our Angoras next week. Below are a few pictures of the farm, turkeys, hospice house and one of Tina the turkey, who survived her mate Timmy.

Our living room after Vicki and her Mom finished last week.

Isn't everything nice?

I told Anita that she had missed her calling as an interior decorator.

A crew of Five!!

This is Tina Turkey

LOOKIN' GOOD... Real Good!!

Soon the board & Batten siding...

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