Sunday, June 21

Sunday, June 21st... Happy Father’s Day To All Who Made That Pedestal......

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I did not... Don’t want to... Don’t Care! I am... however, surrounded by millions of men who obviously have been a father and rejoice in it. More power to them! Not only more power, but more muscle, more stamina, more patients, more understanding and more bucks.......Cause we all know what COD really means.
Call On Dad! Every time anything happens that requires a decision, money, a helping hand, other resources, (usually tools!) who do they call? DAD!! I have always done well without it, and still do. So what.... I miss the tribute today... Who cares when you don’t have any of the wages of fatherhood to pay out? Now, before I have the droves of proud father’s screaming at me for my viewpoint and want me to understand the wonderful relationship they have with their children... especially about how proud they are of their son’s and how special it is that their princess daughters hugs daddy and feels safe in his arms... please don’t. I never experienced it and won’t. Please don’t try to give it to me because as much as you love yours, they’re yours, not mine. Perhaps I would have experienced all that with my own, given the chance, but I was not...... and now at 58, I doubt it will ever be!
So, please guys... Enjoy your day and don’t waste time emailing me to tell me how sorry you are that I never had the chance to enjoy children of my own... because I know... I know... yet some things are never destined to be... you see. Enjoy Today.

We are receiving Vick’s parents and her brother’s family later today for a cook out if that’s possible. My construction buddy obviously does construction somewhere... just not here... and the weather does not cooperate for me and Vick to get at it with everything else we have going on, so we will grill in the rain AGAIN. When we get back to building, we need to finish the fly rafters, dig the drain ditch for the footer drain and order the porch deck materials and long rafters that span to the porch. At that point, we’ll go to the rear deck and build it.

The Angora bunnies come next week, so we are making pens to be ready for them. That is today’s project... Early today, before company arrives.

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