Sunday, June 14

Sunday, June 14th... What a nice day yesterday was for Vick and I......

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We attended the craft show as our late night mini blog entry stated, but we had more than fun. We met lots of new people and made a few bucks for the hospice program. I must however tell you all that the part we enjoyed the most was spending the afternoon with Isabelle and Wendy. It’s so nice to be in the company of two such friendly and giving individuals. Wendy spent countless hours in the pen that held Caleb and Joey, answering questions and making sure that kiddies didn’t get hurt by climbing the fence or hanging through the fence. Caleb and Joey are old hands at this type of event and remain very calm and friendly, but there were some unthinking dog owners, who rushed right up to the pen, which scared the Alpacas terribly. They have few predators in the wild, but dogs, coyote and wolves are at the top of the list, so they really get tense if a dog rushes toward them and in an alert state, a child could get hurt while hanging through the rails. Isabelle manned the table, taking care of customers and answering questions too.

Vick and I sold a few mini hearts, a pretty stained glass "Remember Me" heart and some Amish recipe laundry soaps. We also displayed our "Go Green with Hospice" shopping bags and numerous other items.

There was some slack time however, which we all enjoyed the most. Occasionally, we weren’t selling hospice items, the alpaca pen was void of visitors, and Isabelle's table had no customers, so she and Wendy could sit and chat with us as we all enjoyed the pleasant day.

We plan to attend many of the “Farmers Market” days, starting on June 20th through September 5th, on the lawn of the Cultural Arts Center from 8 a.m. to 12:00 noon every Saturday. Come see us there!!! It’s right next to the library.

Wendy with some kids and Joey

Our Luke (from Last year)

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