Thursday, June 11

Wed June 10th... Two days of sheer Hell with fingers and toes......Ouch!!

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For the last two days, I’ve endured raw finger tips that all but make it impossible to type without pain. Imagine cutting your finger tip off at the very end and typing. That’s about what this is like. The psoriasis causes raw blisters to break open, which bleed and then start to heal... except they stay sore for weeks and don’t ever really heal and sometimes the finger nail separates from the finger tip too. Usually accompanying this wonderful treat is a ration of little water filled blisters on the bottom of the feet, which make walking or standing extremely painful too. I try to function with this as best I can, but sometimes (like the last two days) I just find it too painful to type. I tried to build, but that is painful too. Sometimes I have other aches and pains that accompany this crap which completely knocks me on my butt. Today we did make it to Middle Field Lumber to pick up our roof rafters, but it was a real trick to load and unload with leather gloves that protect, yet rub the sore spots on my fingers.

This evening, we went to the library to paint. I tried to do a pastel with my good hand and held the paper with the heel of the other hand. That worked ok, but I sure didn’t enjoy creating an art piece anyway. Sometimes you just aren’t into it... and this evening was one of those times. Tomorrow will be day three of the rawness and I hope the pain starts to lessen a little. The marks are scabbed over now and should be less tender. (I hope)

I still have a bunch of grommets to put into the “Go green for Hospice” shopping bags, but I couldn’t use the punch and hammer to complete them yet. Maybe tomorrow I can do them and we need to go to Wal-Mart for a spool of rope for handles anyway, so perhaps until we get home with rope, I can put the rest of the grommets in and install the rope handles. They need to be finished for Saturday when we will attend the Greenville Craft Show on the library lawn. We want to attend with Isabelle and Wendy to sell some shopping bags and maybe some Alpaca key chains or soaps to benefit The Columbia-Greene Hospice Program.

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