Thursday, June 11

Thurs June 11th... Today we celebrated one of Joe’s Birthdays, Tomorrow is the other...

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How cool is it, having a birthday today and another one tomorrow. Joe's mother always said his birthday was actually on the eleventh, as he was born before midnight, but the hospital screwed everything up when they made his birthday officially the twelfth by doing all the paperwork the next day. Rather than fight to re-do all the paperwork and records, he just rolls with the flow and celebrates both days!

We moved about forty five or fifty young chicks from the brooding house to the bunny brothel with the others already there to allow more room for the younger birds. We found about four dead birds in the last two days...... crushed it seems, so we felt they were getting to big to be together and in the night when it got chilly, the scrunched together and some ended up on the bottom getting suffocated or crushed. Now there is plenty of space for them in the big bunny room and they can set on the floor or roost on perches we put up for them. They will be easier to care for there anyway.

Tomorrow we will finish all the items for the Saturday Craft Fair in Greenville, and we will go pick up more items we need to get everything ready.

Possibly... we will return to building on Sunday, when we will continue to build roof trusses and then maybe move to the rear deck project. We’ll see.

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