Thursday, June 4

Thurs June 4th... Beauty With the Best of Them...... A Day to Build On...

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This morning was a beautiful gift, as the sun arose over the distant hills and the Hudson River. I wondered back to the 1800’s and envisioned Thomas Cole or Asher Durand, standing in the clove
at Haines Falls or maybe
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Asher Durand's " Kindred Spirits"Remove Formatting from selection Portrays Thomas Cole and poet William Cullen Bryant in a Catskills landscape
Frederick Church as he gazed at the tranquil Hudson River from his studio in Olana, perched high on the ridge... Surely they were awe struck by nature’s beauty, every bit as much and as often as Vicki and I.
Nothing has changed in those one hundred fifty some years, except for the hustle and bustle folks place upon themselves...... the beauty of nature is still there, still unspoiled, except for expansions of new roads and a few new homesteads build out in the sticks, as their occupants try to escape the aforementioned mistakes of over zealous entrepreneurs of years gone by. Occasionally, Vicki and I take a day to go to these very places and stand where these great artists once stood; viewing the very same landscapes we now look at. They spent time looking, enjoying, memorizing and painting or sketching what they knew would capture the world, as it had them. They were correct! The Catskills and Hudson River Valley is as beautiful a place as God ever created. And just as Thomas Cole, Frederick Church or Vicki Alderman-Watt captured or captures that beauty, it will live on long after the artists are gone and we are all the richer for their gift to humanity.

Today we will try to finish the fourth wall to the gift shop and then the roof section to the shop. We will then need to stop and go for the treated lumber needed for the front deck. Once that is down and in place, we can set the porch roof posts and header, and then place the deck roof. Installing the metal roofing will be a cinch once all the purlins are set. Here it is, the first of June and we almost have the gift shop up. The rear deck roof is also under way, but sitting idle until Jeff finds time for us.

Other than these plans and a trip to somewhere for coffee.... we’ll roll with the flow.

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