Friday, June 5

Fri. June 5th... Today is a Roof Type Day... It’s Getting to be More Fun Daily...

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This morning was a pretty start to a beautiful, cool, partially sunny day and we love it. It’s not too stifling hot and it’s not bone jarring cold, in fact. It’s perfect for building the gift shop. We are now questioning all the insurance people who want to suck the money we collect for hospice right out of our hands, by charging us $800.00 a year for an insurance rider for selling here on the property and the hospice gift shop. Ever since we’ve started.... we have met with opposition... requirements... demands... and leeches trying to get money from us that will be coming from the funds we collect for the hospice program. After all, we have donated the space, $1000.00 in the concrete pad foundation, hundreds of dollars in lumber materials, $1175.00 for doors and windows, all our labor in building it, the electricity to light it and our dollars to heat it in the winter and air condition it in the summer, then it is expected of us to foot the annual bill for insurance..... It just cannot be... The insurance cost must come out of the funds we collect. We cannot fund it all and it makes us sad to use these funds to pay a glutinous insurance company for expensive insurance to protect us from other lousy, glutinous people who might sue us for nothing. Oh well... it’s no different than the lousy, stinking State, that is requiring us to collect a sales tax on every item we sell for Hospice. We think it’s terrible that we must collect sales tax on an item you purchase to help support a program that gives so little, yet so much, to a person in the final days of their lives. We all must pay for our sins one day and I pity these people who never learned to be loving, caring and compassionate.... all those who govern their lives and actions by money. God have mercy in the end......

In lieu of all this, we continue on... for we know that God will guide us and make it happen...... That we’ll find what is needed to make this immaculate hospice project come to fruition in spite of the money mongers we encounter along every step of the way.
We will snap progress pictures this evening to show where we are now. Stay tuned!

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