Friday, June 5

Fri Eve, June 5th... Nothing new... figured lumber... Real Bad Allergy Day......

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Today we started out like a house on fire, but soon were stricken by the yellow clouds of pollen, floating in the trees like a dust storm. I fell victim immediately upon going out to feed this morning and it kept up all day long. Vicki suffers from the same affliction as I do and the tree pollen is almost poisonous to her if you remember all the trees she just tested positive for during her allergy tests a few weeks ago. We did manage to figure out how much treated lumber we will need to build the porch on the hospice house, but cannot actually build it until the footer drain is in place. It must be dug down into the dirt and have the top of the socked pipe even with the haunch concrete, so the drain pipe is lower and will direct all the water away from the haunch this winter, so it does not freeze and heave the floor up in the air and crack it. After the footer drain is in and cut into the large drain pipe running to the creek, we can then build the porch deck and install the roof and tie it into the building roof. At least we can install the ridge plate and all the rafters for the building first though.

The Bantams in the brooding house are now big enough to start introducing them to the adult population of the large barn, but we are fearful of just dumping them in over there. The chickens in the big barn can be a little overbearing with new juvenile birds, so we will put them into the new bunny house for a week and then turn them loose to run during the day. During that week in there, we will introduce a few adult hens into the bunny house with them. With this in mind, we will need to go out tomorrow and install the door frame and door that is out there. I suppose closing the soffit with board is also in order, and then it will only need the batten boards installed over the cracks between the wall boards. Once that is done, we can go back to installing the hospice gift shop roof. The picture below shows the support for the ridge board, and then the rafters can be installed on 16” centers. It seems that we are in a stall mode now... I guess we need to get that damned footer drain installed..............

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