Wednesday, June 24

Wed. June 24th... Bunnies a comin’... So is The Rain... Got Cages To Finish & Hang...

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We started the cages yesterday. Whew... what a long, drawn out and sweaty time we had in the breezeway opening of the barn. The wind came drifting through the open doors, from end to end, giving us the coolest breeze possible throughout the day. 14 gage wire isn’t the easiest thing to work with and without the metal break we bought for the farm, we would have a really hard time making them look good. As it is, we mark the wire, slide it into the break and bend perfect 90° bends and putting the wire on the top and bottom is a piece of cake. We got one completely finished, except for the door, which we will position when the cage's final hanging position is decided. The other three are partially completed... one with a top on it, needing the bottom and the other two needing tops and bottoms.

It is supposed to rain in the afternoon, so we’ll finish the cages today, but might go to Tractor Supply or somewhere and pick up a ventilation fan and thermostat to install in the east end of the bunny brothel to remove the heat and draw in fresh air to the chickens and bunnies. It will be a good thing because when we build the turkey house against the brothel, on the east wall, it will then move air from the brothel, into the turkey house and then out their window, l thus venting and cooling both rooms. That won’t be a very difficult job to install the fan, thermostat, lights and receptacles all at once anyway, so we need to do that today too. We’re excited... The lady that bred our Angora rabbits said we can pick the bunnies up around the end of this week or weekend, so we definitely want to be ready. We’re close now. After they arrive, I’ll have a few months to build a good grooming table for them, because they must be brushed several times a week to eliminate the felting of their fiber (fur), which can become hopelessly tangled and lost due to not brushing them. We’ll need a good, clean place to work with them and drawers for things like brushes, shears and clippers, then an area where the fiber can be handled, so we’re researching all that.

The hospice gift shop is at a (my fault) standstill as we work on other (ground related) jobs, until my knees and this yucky bout with the psoriasis eases up. I just can’t work off of the ladder for hours anymore and I must... to finish the fly rafters on the roof. My knees throb when balancing on a ladder when the psoriasis is acting up. The rear deck is suffering the same fate. I’ll have to hit these jobs on good days.

I had a few comments by email about yesterday’s blog entry. Some were moderately stated and a few were blunt. I won’t air them, but will make a short statement since I was never bashful anyway......
You reap what you sow... Nice memories come from nice treatment and compliments are paid for complimentary performance. If you were uncomplimentary in the monetary sense, because of budget directives, you need to live with that. If you just truly didn’t see anything different than anyone else around you... then you must live with that too. I just hope you truly didn’t see...... so it’s easy to live with and no sleep is lost over it.

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