Thursday, June 25

Thurs June 25th... Off Early to the Doctor... A Ticket & More Good News......

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We were off and running early this morning to make my appointment in Albany with the Dermatologist about my psoriasis and the little bumps growing on my face, side and arm. We were to be there a half hour early to do paperwork, but we arrived a full hour early. I filled out all the necessary paperwork and then we sat and snoozed until we were called in, well after the 10AM time it was supposed to take place. We went in at 10:45. Vick was thrilled to say the least... two different ways...... one was that every growth I have was determined by the doctor to be harmless and nothing to worry about. The other thing that impressed her was that we arrived at 9AM and we were called in an hour and forty-five minutes later and we were paid and out the door by 10:55 AM. We had waited an hour and a half to be with the doctor for ten minutes!

When we left the doctor’s office, we found that the reason that we found such a nice parking spot, right in front of the office, when everything else around it was taken. Vick even mentioned how lucky we were to find a spot right in front of the office. Well....... we were parked in a spot with a sign that said “No parking or standing here to corner. YEP! THAT”S RIGHT... we got a PARKING TICKET... unless you want to just say that parking was so bad, we spent $40.00 to park in this special spot. (Which is what I did.) We do however need to pay it before two days pass or it goes to $75.00......... Yikes!!!!!

When we got home, we went to work in the bunny brothel. It now has two lights on a switch, four constant receptacles... two to a side and a 1320cfm louvered fan with a thermostat/ Humidity controller, which shuts down as soon as the temperature reaches a determined set point. It was needed desperately to remove the stale, standing air in there which accumulates during the day if there is not a breeze moving air through the windows.

Tomorrow we start with the bunny cages again. When the other three are finished, we will hang them and cut the doors in. We also need to find the door closers somewhere on line and order them. Until they arrive, we’ll use bungee straps. We can pick up the bunnies anytime Claudia says after tomorrow. We’ll be more than ready then.

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