Friday, July 10

Friday July 10th... A Day of Rest for the Dummy that Did It All (to himself)......

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Today was one of those days when you roll out of bed and walk side saddle and every spot on your sore body, that you never knew you had, now hurts!! Vick say’s I over did it yesterday on the rear deck project and I positively agreed with her... and said so... Following with a truer statement of fact, I said... “well... I gotta make hay while the sun shines”. I make that statement because I can't just perform my desired work schedule as it comes and relax when I’m tired... especially on a good day. Oh, I rest for short periods, between any grueling work we perform. I'm not stupid or think I'm invincible like superman. I remember the two heart attacks I’ve already suffered years ago, but I gotta keep on performing as long as I feel good, because the very next morning or even the next hour, things can change and I can be rendered almost useless to crippled. Every morning when I awake, I need to do a personal assessment to decide what I may attempt to do that day. Sometimes, I pop four Ibuprofen pills just to be on the safe side if I need to do ladder work that day, because that is what kills my knees... Not actually the joints, but the tendons and ligaments above and below the knee joints. Today it was my ulcerated finger tips that kept me from “making hay”. They are raw and tender with deep ulcer type psoriasis spots that break open and bleed. Have you ever pricked your finger on the tip? Remember how sore it was for several days after poking it? Well, imagine ten such “pricked” spots on a finger tip when this stuff breaks out and you can imagine how hard it would be to work with your hands. Some days, (like today) I can’t even take a nap without waking myself as soon as my fingers touch the jeans on my leg...... just by laying my hand down on my leg. It’s miserable and getting worse it seems, so I guess I’ll have to schedule an appointment with a rheumatologist soon.

We did do some ramming around and got a few more errands out of the way. We took the car to the garage and had new front brakes installed. We also returned some items to Kohl’s in Albany. Later in the afternoon, we had coffee and cake with Vick’s parents and Kenny here at home. After they left for home, we went to the Rite Aid and made copies of our wedding pictures for Vick’s Mom & Dad and my Dad and stepmother. We placed the 4x6” pictures in an album book so they have a way to view them and show others.

Well, that was our day..... And we’re hoping for a much better one tomorrow, but we’ll deal with whatever we are granted and smile to be alive and with each other!

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