Saturday, July 11

Saturday, July 11th... Went to the Farmers Market Today and Sold Out Early...

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We got up very early this morning and went to the Farmer’s Market in Greenville to sell our eggs. We only had a total of sixteen dozen this week to sell, since the chickens all went on seems! Being there every week is the key. People are now looking for us and unfortunately; we turned several customers away without eggs as we were packing up to leave. They were disappointed that they did not get eggs, but they understand we cannot control the chickens and whether or not they lay eggs regularly. I believe chickens are the most fickle creatures on God’s green earth and any little change can trigger a laying strike in which they will not lay an egg. We recently let some ducks change their residency to their coop and had five young turkeys decide to stay in the big barn. I don’t to this day, know if that is a factor or not.... as it could be the weather, the ducks, the turkeys, the molt or the heat. WHO KNOWS with fickle chickens?

When we were sold out, we just hung around and talked to our friend Judy, who sells soaps, jams & jellies every week. We also talked to another couple that sells farm produce and fruits from Berne, NY. In our discussion, we talked about good places too eat and he mentioned a great place in Knox, NY called “The Township Inn”. We told him we might just try them out for dinner later today, and when we returned home and unloaded everything, we just decided to take off to Knox. We found the Inn around 3:00 this afternoon and was all ready to have dinner there, when we found that they didn’t open until 4:00 PM. To kill some time, we went to the Agway down the road a few miles in the town of Altamont. We needed some rabbit items anyway and while we were there we bought 25# of pasture mix seed for reseeding the Alpaca’s pasture. We killed an hour in Altamont and then returned to the Inn for our dinner which was excellent! We had the greatest shrimp and scallops over linguini and tomato sauce you could imagine.

We returned home, got out of the car, let the dogs out to pee and jumped into the truck and headed for Middle Field Lumber to pick up our purlins for the rear deck roof project. When we got back home with the lumber, we fed and watered all the critters, gathered evening eggs and called it a day.

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