Sunday, July 12

Sunday, July 12th... Beauty is Our Morn, After The Tumultuous, Loud night...

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All through the night, we were visited by our less than heroic, four legged defenders. All five of our dogs cringe in fear of a little booming thunder which is preceded by the brilliant flash of lightning. Each streak of lightning illuminates the room brightly enough to reveal their large terrorized eyes..... Still at alert from the last vibrating boom of thunder which causes such fear. Dutchess, the quietest of all the dogs, is the first to cringe and run, searching for the protection always afforded by Mommy or Daddy in times of such fearsome attacks. She immediately dove upon the bed and crouched between Vick and me, within milliseconds of the first flash of lightning, knowing the blast of thunder would surely follow. The other four dogs milled around, nervously searching for a safe place to relocate and settled for reclining tightly against the sides of the bed. Strangely enough, Snavely Mill didn’t bark as usual and all seemed to be conveying the same mental thoughts of, “OK... one more blast and we’re up there between you guys with Dutchess!” Of course the storm passed and all was well within our little “bedroom dog land” again, so everyone settled down to some serious sleeping... All but Dutchess who restlessly committed to a vigil of standing guard... just in case. I endured her head abruptly jerking to attention as long as I could, and then had to resort to shoving her off the bed so we could sleep without interruption by the “sentinel of fear”. The air conditioner fan was running, venting the room air out, which was replaced by the cool, fresh smelling, rain cleansed air from outside, which made sleeping a pleasure.
Today we will perform the remainder of the rear deck job and hopefully install the purlins. Whoops.... I said I wasn’t going to predict the day anymore, besides... that will be this evenings post of events for the day.

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