Sunday, July 12

Sun Eve July 12th... Liberation of the 9th Duck Brigade... Went Well, But Not Far...

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This morning after gathering morning eggs and feeding everyone, we decided to open up the door to the bunny brothel and let the juvenile chickens out to run for the day. While watching them frolic in the barn yard for a few minutes, we decided to liberate the 9th Duck Brigade for their maiden voyage into the pond and the great outdoors. These guys are the nine ducks we incubated from the recently gathered duck eggs and hatched them, along with the fifty or so chickens we’ve hatched at the same time this spring. They were out all day long while Vick and I finished up the rafters on the short side and installed the necessary gussets for stability. Occasionally Vick would sneak out and watch tem to see what they were doing... and each time, they were following the older ducks until they went into the big pond. At that point, the 9th Brigade would stop, regroup and decide what they would do next. Usually that entailed rooting and digging along the bank and occasionally getting a bit wet, then there was preening and grooming, followed by sunbathing... What a glorious day they have had!
I guess we’re in a position of retreat from the rear deck to the gift shop again. We’ll order the steel roofing tomorrow and when we return, we’ll most likely go to the gift shop to dig the drain ditch. That will be a quickie........ Right! As usual.....
It will probably take three times longer than I figure it will...........

Well, it’s time to attack the animals and try to stuff them inside for the night, because as soon as we get them all in, we can take off for the Villa Vosilla to have dinner and take in a show by our very dear friends Audrey and Alfredo, who have just recently returned from Florida where they performed all winter long. Perhaps we can snap a few pictures of them after the show. Vicki and I have watched one of their shows before and enjoyed it immensely.
Well, hope those chickens go peacefully......... I’m hungry!
The chickens went with the usual hassle of running one or two around the henhouse and barn for a period of time, but finally all were in and we could leave for dinner at the Villa. Our arrival, at around 9:30, found Audrey and Alfredo just ready to start their evening performance. Audrey had just announced a dance tune on tape, for the folks to dance to while they finished setting up for the show, when Audrey spied us at the doorway, waved and came running to congratulate us on our wedding last Saturday. She then went to get dressed for her performance and we went into the dining room for dinner. After a great meal and listening to the show, we went back into the nightclub and grabbed a table and enjoyed the rest of the show. It was tremendous, with Alfredo and Audrey dancing and singing many great love songs. Occasionally, one or the other would tell a joke or two and then burst into a song. What a great performing pair, husband and wife of thirty years, but most importantly to us..... they are our close family riends.

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These two beautiful ladies are our friends Nadia Vosilla and Audrey.

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