Monday, July 13

Monday, July 13th... Blessed with a nice looking morning to work outside...

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I know for a fact that today we are going to unload the 1x4 purlins for the rear deck roof project and take the truck for our monthly feed run to Agway. We are in need of game bird starter for the little ducks and juvenile chickens. We also want to stop at GNH to order the steel roofing for on there. WE WANT THIS THING DONE SOON!! I was going to go back to the hospice gift shop, but I believe we need to finish this deck roof first. We’ve waited far too long to have this done and summer is part way over, so we’re gonna use this baby soon... in fact, as soon as the steel roofing arrives and gets put on! Vick’s parents will stop by today after Joe’s therapy session, so we’ll chat over coffee and cake for a bit. We haven’t seen them since last Monday afternoon when they stopped by, so a lot has happened to chat about. I’d like to install the purlins also if I can.

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