Monday, July 13

Mon. Eve, July 13th... Here and there we went... Only got a Little accomplished...

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Remove Formatting from selectionWe went to the bank this morning and made some deposits of “cash on hand” from both Cluckin’ “A” Critter Farm egg money and Nature’s Friend’s of Hospice sales items, into their respective accounts so we could also stop at GNH lumber and order the steel roofing we need for the rear deck project. We got to the bank and then took off for Agway to pick up our $400.00 feed purchase for the month and on the way back home, we stopped at GNH to order the roofing, but we had forgotten the list and couldn’t remember exactly home long the steel roofing was to be. Instead of ordering the roofing, we stopped at the bakery and bought the pastries for coffee with Vick’s parents. When they arrived at around 3:15, Katie and Kenny were with them, so we had a nice visit as we drank coffee and soda, while sharing pastries.
When they left for home, we went out and put the fascia boards on the lower edge of the deck roof and planned how we would begin and end our purlins for the roofing.
When finished with that, we took off in the car to see about the kitten sign we saw on the way home from GNH, right in the middle of Greenville. It said Kittens, but when we returned to the area, we could not find a sign any longer. They must have gotten rid of their kittens earlier. We picked up a phone number at Agway, from their bulletin board that advertised free 12 to 16 week old kittens, but I suppose they will disappear as soon as we place them in the barn loft and never be seen again, just like the last tow adult cats we turned loose up there. The feed was eaten for two days running, and then it just remained up there in the bowls...uneaten. They flew the coop; so to speak, I least we never saw either again. Vick tried the Agway number, but got an answering machine and we’ve heard nothing since.
When we returned home, we grilled steaks and enjoyed those with beets, peas, cabbage and potatoes, just before closing all the animals in and unloading all the feed.
Sometimes....we really look forward to sundown, finishing up and bed!

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