Tuesday, July 14

Monday Eve, July 14th... Got the Pipe, Three Kittens, Dinner and lumber to Go...

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Remove Formatting from selectionWe took off for GNH today to order the steel roofing we need for the rear deck project and while there, talked to Darren about someone who would be interested in putting the steel roof on for us since my knees are so bad. I can’t stand on incline surfaces anymore with the tendon and ligament problems I now have. He mentioned that his brother Adam would do it without hesitation. He said Adam was a local contractor and was insured, so that’s ok with us. He can just do the gift shop when we’re ready too.

On the way to GNH, we again saw the free kittens sign in Greenville, so we stopped and asked about the kittens. They said there was one left we could have. We told her about the sign yesterday and that until we came back it was gone. She said she had to leave and didn’t want the sign out there if there weren’t going to be any adults around. Good idea..... Well...... anyway, we took the one kitten and went on to GNH where we took the kitty in with us to order the roofing. As soon as we went in, the lady behind the counter asked if we wanted more. Yes we yelled... one more. She had four to get rid of and called her husband to being a Calico down. He showed up shortly after that with two Calicos’ because he didn’t know which one we wanted. Of course we took them both... What would you do? We brought them home and put the in the barn loft with water, dry cat food and wet feed in those foil pouches. They are on top of the world.....eating a little, playing a little, sleeping a little and wrestling around in the hay. They will be very happy kitties.

We picked up the perforated pipe for the drain around the pad on the gift shop, so we can pick up on that little job soon too. We went to “Pipes Plus”, just beyond Kiskatom, Down below Cairo, where we bought 100 feet of four inch flex pipe to place around the base of the pad to keep water from accumulating under the pad and freezing in the wintertime. It will also remove all problems with standing water there too. It needs to be done before we can continue with the front deck of the
gift shop, which we need to do before we can put the roof on. The roof on the front will be a single span from the peak to the end of the porch deck, so I must have the deck on to place the posts and header plate for the rafters to sit on.

Adam showed up this afternoon and looked at the roofing job and accepted. I told him we would get the purlin’s on for him, that way he could simply throw the steel roofing on and screw it down. For him it should be, “here in the morning, out in the evening...finished and paid.” He will do the gift shop when we’re ready too.

Finally gave in this afternoon and sat on the sofa until this evening. This crap I have really hammers your body when it kicks in on the bad days. It makes you feel like you ran about five miles without stopping. Your legs ache and your joints feel really tender. My fingers were throbbing again too, so I figured what the hell, I might as well just give in and sit. Problem is even as tired as I feel; I get bored and cannot sleep. I just sit there like I’m in a trance....waiting to feel better.

Vick was upstairs painting until it was time to feed and water, gather eggs and close everyone in, then we went to Paul’s in Coxsackie for dinner. Now it’s off to the bedroom for me to watch TV till bed time and Vick will work on her painting again. Took some nice pictures of the grounds this morning early......Enjoy them.

Pictures of Smokey, Calli and kaylee, our new kitty cats in the barn, will be posted tomorrow.

Beautiful shot of the new barn and bunny Brothel. It's now serving as a chicken and duck house too.

A great shot of the Pupskill Bay Lake Pond......

Across the lake to the house...

This is the latest shot of the rear deck project. Need purlins and the steel roof yet.

This one speaks for itself.....

And the sign hangs over the door here!

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