Wednesday, July 15

Wed. Eve, July 15th... I Don’t Know Bout You, But I’m Tired of This Crap......

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I know I’m tired of writing about sore fingers, knees and feeling crappy all the time! Tomorrow I go see Marylou, my NP, who might just give me a referral for a Rheumatologist, to handle this lousy auto-immune condition that plagues me and stands in my way of getting things I want and need to do, finished. Today we went to Lowe’s in Glenmont, where we picked up the needed lumber to finish off the rear deck project and when we got home, I unloaded the eight boards and felt like I had run five miles. I felt totally wiped out! It’s not any kind of arterial blockage or a heart thingy, because when I don’t have the finger tip issue, I can work and load or unload a truck full of lumber without puffing at all. If I try to walk to the kitchen right now, with the knee pain... I puff like a train when I get there or back.
I’m going to bed and relax.... watch TV and drift off to sleep any time I want!

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