Friday, July 31

Friday July 31st... What a day! Happiness and Sadness All At The Same Time...

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Well, the roofers, Adam and Matt finished the roof over our deck today! They did it in the POURING RAIN! They knew how very much we wanted it done and throwing their comfort to the wind, finished it, except for the two missing sheets on the rear side. That does not keep us from enjoying the use of the BBQ grill or the table and we are forever indebted to them for completing it. They are definitely invited.... along with their wives to come to a clam boil and BBQ out there, before late fall sets in, so be prepared for a call guys!

Also today, on a happier note for Vick and I............Emily came home!! Two days ago, in the evening, when we closed up the chickens and ducks, Dexter, Brownie Boy and “Emmy” didn’t return. We immediately thought something got them. The following day, when we put the ducks away, we saw Brownie boy was back and Dexter was also out there. Still, there was no sign of Emily. We had given her up for lost....probably grabbed by the red fox seen in the area lately by Tony and Adam, our neighbors. Vicki was heartbroken, because Emily was her very favorite Indian Runner from the very first group of ducks we raised. Emily has now braved two falls and winters and made it all through last year without incident and we were almost sure she was nabbed by a predator. Today, due to all this rain, I didn't leave any of the critters out today, so we know they were all ok within, but this evening, Vick was cleaning the eggs we had gathered, getting them ready for me to weigh, grade and box, when she heard a familiar quacking, summoning her from the kitchen, out into the dark, to the duck barn. There was “Emmy” pleading with all her might, to be left in with her mates again. Now we’re not sure if she was setting upon a nest and became hungry and scared by herself and came home. In any event, Emily is HOME!!!!! And Boy....did she ever shovel the feed in. Vicki is now relieved!!!!!

And I stated at the beginning......Happiness and Sadness all at the very same time...... the above happiness is truly overshadowed by some very sad news that weighs heavy on our hearts. Today was the last day of formal business at the Two Kids Bakery, owned and operated by our very dear friends, Keren and Reggie Ratcliffe. We will miss their regular weekly menu of goodies and their baked pastries in their usual haunt next to the dollar store, behind the Rite Aid drug store in Greenville. We are equally concerned and saddened by the illness of Reggie’s Mom, and hope that everything works out for them in the future, and since they were closed since Wednesday, two days before scheduled, without notice or even a note on the door, with pastries still in the showcase, we are praying that nothing happened to Reggie's Mom that necessitated their immediate departure for New Jersey.

Reggie..... both our hearts go out to you at this time of worry and we wish you, and your Mom both well. If either you or Keren need our help in any way, please call us! We’re always available to help any way we can.

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