Friday, July 31

Friday, July 31st... Last Day of the July...Calling for Rain, Rain, Rain... Roofers here...

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Here we are at the last day of July...only hours away from August and it’s gonna rain something awful according to the TV weather report. Adam and Matt, our guys that are supposed to put the metal roofing on, showed up to try beating the rain. I hope they make it. The only problem is that the guy at GNH made a mistake and only got five pieces for the short side and it never came in since we found the problem last week, so now we will have a six foot section on the short side of the roof, which isn’t finished. The end section of cap will not be put on either, but we will have a good ten foot section completed and covered and the long side will be covered a full twenty feet. The good thing is that Vicki and I got the roof built square! The metal is going on perfectly. I can’t wait to see it when it’s completed.
It looks like the rain is chasing across the valley toward us. They are calling for flash floods today and the sky over Albany is telling the forlorn story of the fruition of their predictions. Boy is the horizon ever black and mean looking!!
I hope the guys can get all the roofing on before the heavens open up, but I doubt it, but the radar does show the entire event to the north of us by approximately seven to ten miles.

I gave about fifteen quarts of blood at the doctor’s office yesterday. My primary physician is checking for two other tick born diseases since the Lyme’s came back negative. She is also checking a bunch of other things, trying to get a handle on what is going on. We don’t really know if all the aches and pains are related or if the knees are one thing, the psoriasis is another and a pulled hamstring could be the nerve pain that keeps me from walking so well right now. Hopefully the tests and time will tell.

Looks like the short metal side of the roof is done (considering two short sections of roofing are missing and hasn’t come in the GNH yet) AND Matt has moved to the long side, facing the road. It started to sprinkle a little, but has stopped and I see they are now working on the other side, so perhaps they can do more.

I have to go feed the animals, which is still a little early for that right now. I usually try to do it by eleven so the eggs can be gathered then also. The feed we placed in their pens when we put them in for the night is usually eaten in the morning and by eleven, they are ready for more. Right now, I must rely on Vick to help me with everything I do, because I can’t walk so very well, right now. If there is any bending over to pick up eggs under things, I’m done. I cannot bend down anymore like I did.

The animals are fed. Since I had to go to the barn for more screws, I took a few minutes and fed the chickens, ducks and the alpacas before running (ha, ha, ha) back with the screws. (Like I could run anywhere...) The bunnies will need tending when we go to the other barn and brooding house a little later.

We withstood about 45 minutes of rain, so Adam and Matt drank a cup of coffee and we chatted until it quit raining and they went back to work again. Now we’re hoping they get it all on!

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