Thursday, July 30

Thurs July 30th... The Same Old Black and White... Will We Ever Learn???

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I get so disgusted over this racial thing that the media keeps stiring and boiling every day of regular American’s lives...... I hate hate me...we hate each did this to me and so on, and so on, and so on, until the world finally hates the moon! (the moon is white and the earth is colored) Anyway, it appears this will plague mankind until the end of time. Even as the picture shows black and white men united against an enemy.......we still didn’t learn that we could get along. This isn’t fair......and that isn’t fair.... and all the time the wedge between blacks and whites grows larger and larger. When will everyone understand that racism goes both ways? When will parents understand that when you take any it on the left or right, black or white... it doesn’t matter, take any side and you’ve become racist! There cannot be sides in a non biased matter or you’re biased......just as you cannot pick white or black, because you’re racist. PERIOD! That’s it.
Now, that said, do you understand how very difficult it is to talk about anything without being either racially profiled or racially attacked? It’s impossible to discuss anything dealing with race and remain in a neutral position, because there are those who chose the left...or the right....the white....or the black, and they will listen to you and either profile you or attack you. That is the two available options. When everyone begins to understand that we all have rights, feelings, love and hatred....... and that those things need to be controlled by EVERYBODY, then we can start to make some progress in getting along.
Ask yourself just what the whites have, that the blacks cannot possibly ever have or acquire, using the same manner to get theirs the way that the whites acquired theirs. If there is truly anything...... then it is not fair to them and should be rectified by law. Now, what do the blacks have that whites cannot possibly have or acquire, in the same manner that the blacks got theirs. Again, anything mentioned should be rectified by law. Now this does not mean every black or white MUST have these things if they do not want them.......just that they can if desired.

*What government gives to one........government needs to provide for all.
*The rules need to apply to all, regardless of skin color or government affiliation.
*The health plan I must BUY needs to be bought by ALL government officials also.
*What I have should be available for everyone to acquire the same way I got mine.
*When government officials are treated better than their constituents, they think they are superior to their constituents!
If I worked to achieve something and the next person wants to also have the fruits of my labor, they should also work to achieve them as I did.......and if the things in life are given to anyone, I should have the right to receive them also, without fighting for them...... for they should be freely given to all, if to one.
This is a sound and reasonable statement, but there are always folks that talk among themselves and twist and stretch words to make them say what they want them to say....about everything.
I surmised that God created the tower of Babble, secondly for this very reason, but basically, to keep people at bay, in the way of building a tower to heaven. Like things attract while unlike things repel. Had God allowed all his people to continue speaking the same languages back then, this problem would have surfaced then and the tower would not have been built anyway. The difference is that God didn’t have to listen to the idiotic nonsense about racism that we do now.

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