Wednesday, July 29

Wed July 29th... Beautiful Day... Feeling Beautiful... Lots To Do...& Doin’ It...

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Woke up today with a decent feeling inside and little back or leg pain. Gonna hit the stuff I’ve wanted to do for a while now, like move the boat, park the truck, park the trailer, Pull the butterfly bush out of the flower bed that is invading the porch as if it wants to push the screen in, then try to finish some other things. Vick’s Father and Brother are coming today after his therapy and will take that butterfly bush home to plant on the end of his yard near his pond. What a perfect place for a butterfly bush such as this one.
I think I’ll attempt to mow the yard today too. That’s something I can do without a lot of exertion, if my back holds out beyond moving all the equipment and the bush. I’m not going to waste a lot of time writing this morning, because I can utilize the day for better things and write tonight or if my back tires out or if my legs decide to ache. Wish me luck!

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