Tuesday, July 28

Tues. July 28th... Everything is Up or Down... Eggs, Me, Vick, Schedules...Jeeze Um!

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It seems to me that life around here, is like a rollercoaster ride all the time. If I’m not down with some ailment, Vick is.... We make a schedule to do something or with someone else to do something and it never happens. Adam was to come today to put the steel roof on the rear deck, but canceled due to being backed up by the rain. (Which I truly doubt) Excuses... excuses... they’re all excuses.... It really didn't rain that much during the day last week or over the weekend.... at least not on us! If he was set back by rain in other places, he could have been here in the nice sunshine to do our work.
Oh well, just try once, to get one of these clowns to go to work and you'll understand that no one up here wants to work and if they do show up, they don’t want to work long. Some endure hard work for an hour or so, then have to quit. I guess knowing that your friends are futzing around somewhere, instead of working, is a lot to endure, but come on please.... now, I see why people live in rundown shacks here with three foot weeds around them. The only picturesque thing around these places in a lot of cases, is just that...empty cases of beer cans. Stacks and stacks of empty beer cans that they are to lazy to return for the deposit, which they could use for more beer! Well...... sometimes I do see some skinny, tatooed wife, jamming beer cans into the deposit machine at Bryant's, then buying more beer with the money and heading to the car. You just know ol' hubby is waiting for it at home, in front of the TV. This is usually the roadblock to us getting something finished by a contractor or worker up here. Unfortunately, something weird is going on with me right now or I would have that roof on today! I hate waiting and the fact that I am almost down for the count with back and leg problems, makes it very hard for me to deal with capable bums that won’t do what I now can’t. My doctor can’t arrange an appointment with the rheumatologist, because they won’t return her call to make one. I know it’s a fact because Vicki has been calling them also and they won’t return her call either. Meanwhile, I can hardly walk and can't really sit comfortably.... Today, we are going to try to get into my regular Dr. to see if she can find a different specialist or at least start treating this condition herself, based on what the returned bloodwork results show. I don't know why she can't do some type of treatment while we look for an interested specialist. Maybe all this is in line with Obama’s new health plan of “Let em’ die naturally and drug free.” Nuf Bout me....

The eggs are coming back as I figured they would. We have the cooler on the porch jammed with about ten or eleven dozen and more in the refrigerator. It looks like the Farmer’s Market is back on the schedule for this Saturday again. That will make a bunch of customers happy.

Since I can’t get around too good right now, I have been working on my new book, entitled “Life in the Barren World”. As I’ve mentioned before...it’s about my life, starting at ten years old in 1961. It is a compilation of the sometime hilarious antics of childhood, occasionally some tales of woe where things didn’t go right and we found ourselves in trouble and then the times of adolescent grief and the unhappiness of death in the family, personal failures and other trying times in the life of a young boy in the financially bleak sixties.
We are still planning to pick up the block of ISBN numbers this coming month and finally publishing my book of poems entitled, “Poetry From the Heart - Unpretentious Notions of a Minimalistic Man”, which is a short book of poems that I wrote and have all ready to publish, by simply sending it off to the printer once I get the ISBN and UPC code numbers.
I have a finished, second book of considerable length, which is entitled, “It All Began With a Puppy… Our Uncommon Journey”. It is a story of how Vicki and I met, helped each other and finally fell in love and ended up married and fulfilling our dream of living on and running the farm full of animals we have today. It is in the editing and second rewrite mode right now and I work on it when I can, but am neglecting to rewrite this currently recorded material, in lieu of writing down the new memoirs, which are still in my mind. Much of the editing and rewriting can be done this winter or during the lousy weather and I try not to write except for early morning or days that it rains, especially during these beautiful summer days.

We have been receiving more emails and comments on the blog now since we changed the stupid format. Helen was great at informing us that she constantly tried to leave comments, but the program wouldn’t allow her to. The problem lies somewhere between Blogger and AOL we think. Helen went to Firefox and her troubles lessened, but I think Blogger has issues too. In any event, thanks to all you regular readers that commented and PLEASE, more of you leave comments or email me directly at
juniata1951@aol.com to let us know how we are doing and what we can do to make the blog more interesting to you!

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