Monday, July 27

Monday July 27th... Time for some pictures.... Thanks for your patience....

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It has been a fairly busy time for us and the last few days were selfishly used by Vick and me to do a few things that we haven’t been able to do for a long time. We threw reason to the wind yesterday, took off for Wal-Mart and Lowe’s in Catskill for a few stupid things we wanted and then took off up the mountain, headed for Phoenicia for dinner and then on to visit her Mom, Dad and her brothers family. We have work we can do here, but we just figured the heck with it and took off. My aliments certainly don’t interfere with my decision to let work hang.....hell, I suppose the aches and pains lend to the ease of forgetting what needs to be done anymore. As for Vick.......I think she has reached the plateau for the list of things still needing done and none remaining on the list has any real urgency nailed to it. It makes life so nice, now that we can sleep in until we’re ready to get up, (although I’m still usually up around 6:00 to 8:00 AM) and if we decide we want to run off to a festival or art show, we can. Perhaps we just want to shop, grab a few needed things, get lunch and then work later in the evening, we’s just neat that our schedule has now become flexible or non-existent!

We have clicked a shutter here and there along the way too. We have a few pictures of the farm animals...nothing special but the new kitties, but Smokey Joe left sometime the night before last. We can’t find him anywhere......strange for a kitten. We also took some pictures of the Farmer’s Market on Saturday. Even though we didn’t setup a table, we showed up to talk to our regular customers and ensure them we would return as soon as the chickens laid enough eggs.
Then yesterday when we went to Phoenicia, we snapped some pictures of the Shandaken tunnel of the New York City-Catskill Water System and the surrounding area where it comes out into the Esopus Creek. What a beautiful area! We also added a couple small maps of the water system to New York amazing system indeed!!

This is Smokey Joe. He took off!

Feeding time in the morning.

These are the ducks we just hatched this spring.....

This is Calli

This is KayLee

Yanni's Too. Our favorite restaurant on the Hudson river at Coeyman's Marina in Coeymen's, just below Albany.

The dock side dining and the music....

The view as you dine is lovely.

Greenville Farmer's Market

Judy sells Jellies, Jams and Soaps. All homemade of course.... That is Virginia, who is in charge of the market...

Farmers from Berne selling produce and pies.

An elderly gent and his daughter selling his hand made birdhouses.

The plaque says it all....

This is the exit from the underground water tunnel..... VERY Impressive.

The lovely Esopus Creek, as the tunnel water enters it on it's way to New York City.

Lovely wooded areas near the water tunnel.

More of the same.

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