Sunday, July 26

Sunday July 26... Finding Solitude in the Early Morning Hours of Day......

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Having dogs, sometimes is a pain in the backside, because even though they become one of the immediate family, they still suffer moments of wild individualism. This allows them to revert back to a solitude creature that chews, defecates or goes where ever it pleases. With five can expect to suffer the effects of that “flash back condition” more frequently than a single dog pet owner. You know; you leave for shopping and before leaving, count and check each of your little darlings. You have already made sure that they have been outside to do their thing, so you have every reason to believe that when you return, after only a few hours, everything will be ok. Then you return............... This can be a rejoicing time of praising them for being such good girls (or boys) OR you can suffer multiple traumas. First, after unlocking the door and pushing it open with an armload of groceries, they don’t meet you as usual....Aw, think... Then you see a scattered mess of something, which is in an area that should be vacant. Aw, CRAP! You think... Now you enter all the way, drop the groceries on the counter in the kitchen and you are immediately surrounded by four “I didn’t do it” dogs frantically biding for your understanding and approval that they were good. (Now, I’ve already given rapid thought to the possibility that they were stalling me, to allow the guilty one to escape at this time too) These occurrences sometimes happen to us and just did two days ago, when Casey Mae chewed a metal encased, wooden and glass picture frame, cutting her mouth and scattering glass and metal fragments around the living room. We panicked at first of course, but then I pieced all the glass shards and metal chunks together to account for the total glass and metal content of the picture. Her mouth was not bleeding then either, so we became a bit more relieved, as we continued to watch her, for the rest of the evening. Usually when we return, the dogs are all calm, happily enjoying the quiet solitude offered by living this far from a major roadway and neighbors. There are hours which pass without incident of noise or commotion and they sleep contentedly.
This morning, after sending the dogs outside to do their morning business, I returned them to the air conditioned upstairs, closed the door and escaped to that same peaceful solitude that exists downstairs for myself, to write, wrestle with my thoughts, gaze off into the distant field, woods or the horizon and revisit my memories of pleasant childhood times in Central Pennsylvania, where I grew up in an old mining town which possessed only an impressive history, and nothing else. It was Marysville, Pa. a little village just north of the town of State College. It was the early sixties and a time of growing... growing for me, my surrounding and mankind in general. We hadn’t gone to the moon yet. Hell, we were still arguing that one of those days, they would lose a space capsule; monkey and all. And now, they were talking about a man circling the earth and returning safely. (Well, so far the monkey’s had)
Anyway, we were still buying burgers and a coke for a nickel, gas for 11¢ a gallon, milk was 22¢ a quart. Our time as kids was endless and we were carefree. It was safe to ride your bike anywhere and the word pervert, wasn’t our knowledge...or at least, wasn’t as prevalent as it was in later life. You treated all adults with respect; respect like you would show your parents or grandparents. These days, our youth respect nothing......And I mean nothing. Not even themselves. All you see on city streets are kids who are rude, cussing, using profane gestures, are thoughtless and crude. They dress strangely to draw attention to themselves and then scream if you look at them in disbelief. It is not fit for a family with small children to walk city or town streets anymore and it is rapidly becoming the same for Malls, festivals, fairs and amusement parks too. It’s a shame that American adults can not change this and restore respect in the home and schools, which will then filter back onto the streets and into our lives.
Recently we were told by our friend, about an occurrence at a function where their animals were in a corral type enclosure and this friend was in the enclosure with the two large (actually docile) animals. Our friend was allowing folks to touch the animals briefly, observe the animals actions and ask questions. There we two small kids on the side of the railed enclosure away from our friend, climbing on and through the rails of the enclosure. She told the kids to please not climb the railing and not enter the enclosure. Immediately one of those kids’ parents told our friend “Not” to tell his children what to do and that they would do whatever they pleased, anytime they pleased. (Now this is where I get into trouble.....) Our friend was there to ALLOW these spoiled rug rats the opportunity to feel and enjoy learning about their animals. Also, our friend was responsible for any injury to the public which may occur on their equipment or in connection with their animals. Why would this guy think his punk kids, of little learning and very poor upbringing, have the right to demand that they are above the rules governing everyone else? These are the very same punks that we will read about in future years, because none of society’s rules OR laws pertain to them. Daddy said I can do what I want, any time I want. SORRY....... I’m from Pennsylvania and old enough to tell you that this daddy, needs his ass kicked by someone like me and told to start respecting others and abide by the rules. He may then start to teach them to his children also. Since I can’t kick his kid’s asses, for the same offense, daddy can certainly serve as proxy! Maybe when he gets home he can think about it a little and “remold” his kids to function as sweet, caring children, anxious to receive what other kind people will offer them next time. These type of people bitch at actions such as my own and young parents say that they don’t want to discipline their kids like this, but ALL will agree that years ago there was a respect for older folks, their feelings and their property. There were children everywhere growing up happily, healthy and normal. Neighborhoods were a pleasure to visit and walking in the evening was a pleasure also. Not like today. Think about it. Maybe more folks should be like me, because I think you do have rights and I want you to be able to enjoy those right too........unless they take away someone else’s rights.

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