Saturday, July 25

Saturday Eve July 25th... Today We Flew By the Seat of Our Pants... Did Ok Too...

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This morning, we got up early to go to the Farmer’s Market in Greenville, next to the library. We had exactly six dozen eggs in the porch cooler where we sell them on the “honor system”, which amounted to exactly fifteen dollars worth of eggs. Now it costs us $15.00 weekly for a spot on the lawn to sell our goods and we couldn’t justify spending $15.00, to sell $15.00 worth of eggs, so we left them for our regular visiting customers here at the farm and went to the Farmer’s Market with no eggs. We still wanted to support the cause and let everyone know that we hadn’t quit or went elsewhere to sell our eggs and that we would return next Saturday as usual if our chickens cooperate this coming week. We stayed until well after 1:00 before leaving to feed and water all the birds and leave them out. While we were doing the chores in the big barn, our neighbor Charlie pulled in and gave us a bunch of egg cartons and dog feed bags. We talked and went to the rear deck to escape the sun and heat. We sat there and talked for about a half hour, enjoying the birds, the breeze and our conversation with Charlie. Joan was in the city visiting family, so Charlie was “bachelor’in it” for a few days at their house alone. We told him we wouldn’t mind him joining us for dinner out, somewhere and he accepted. We decided to pick him up at his house by 4:30 which was approximately and hour after he left the farm. We got ready and picked him up and headed for a Chinese Restaurant in Bethlehem, where we enjoyed a pretty good dinner, conversation and laughter, after which, we headed for home.

We enjoy spending time with Charlie and Joan who have been together for over seventeen years. They are much like Vicki and I and we never tire of visiting or the light hearted conversation we have with them. We have enjoyed every time we ever went to dinner with the two of them and want to include them in every BBQ grill party we have. Once the steel roofing is installed on the new rear deck roof Vick and I built, we’re going to get a bunch of clams and other goodies and have a clam roast. We will invite Charlie and Joan... Kenny and his new girlfriend, our friend Judy, Jeff and anyone else we can think of that loves to have a deck party.
We are finally starting to enjoy the summer, by just going where we want when we want or just lounging in the shade or in the art room, or in our bedroom just watching TV Land. We still have things needing done around here, but it isn’t such a pressure when it doesn’t need done right now. Life is good despite all our aches and pains!

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