Sunday, July 5

Sunday, July 5th... When Your Wedding Is More Than You Ever Dreamed Of......

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Yesterday, we spent the morning at the Farmer’s Market with our son Bill, from Long Island. He was having a ball selling eggs to everyone that came near our table. We sold out before the market closed, so we headed to the “Two Kids Bakery” to pick up our wedding cake, head home and decided what we would do next. Karen made us a beautiful little layer cake that was a two tiered beauty! The bottom was eight inches of 3 sections of chocolate cake with chocolate butter cream icing on and between the sections of the bottom..... Then, topped with a six inch, 3 sections of chocolate cake... with white butter cream icing outside....... But supercharged inside with vanilla sugar icing between each layer! When we got home, I placed the cake in the refrigerator in the barn and we went into the house to have a quick bite for lunch. The wedding was scheduled for 5:00 and dinner after that sometime, so we wanted to eat a little then since it was just around noon. After eating a sandwich, we went to Lynda Witt’s antique shop down the road. We purchased two very beautiful hand made bird cages; one for the house and another for display purposes at the next Farmers Market, where we will display a Bantam chicken inside and on the table. When we returned, we relaxed a bit and then got showered and ready to head for the mountains and the Villa Vosilla to exchange vows.

Truly; what happened there was a surprise to Vick and me both. We never asked or discussed with Lee anything about the ceremony particulars. We know Lee and his staff had to cook dinner for a resort full of patrons , which were booked for the holiday weekend and he graciously agreed to marry us in the afternoon anyway, so we simply answered every question about the wedding the same.... “What ever is easiest for you Lee...?” We actually expected him to come out at 5:00 and perform the ceremony and then serve us dinner around 7:00 in the restaurant and then we would leave for home. That WAS NOT... the case though!

Our wedding turned out to be fantastic. Unknown to us, Lee set up his hotel dining room for our wedding. All the resort guests became our guests at our wedding, because they all knew Vicki’s Dad from his years of entertaining them and everyone wanted to join in on the ceremony with Joe, to celebrate his little girl’s wedding. They all watched as Vick and I exchanged vows before each other and God, before them, then they all dined with us. We had music at dinner and were invited to see the show afterward. He reserved a special table for us in the center of the dining room. We had the wedding cake after coffee. Bill bought a topper for the cake. Not the traditional bride and groom, but a bride and groom duck couple. Lee brought the cake out and Lino and Pino, the performing musicians, came to our table and sang the traditional song, about “the bride cuts the cake” and so on. The cake was sent back to the kitchen and sliced and served to the whole dining room. Since all the guests at the Villa knew Vick's Dad, everyone came up to congratulate us and mentioned how lovely the ceremony was. We had a “first dance” to the band in the banquet hall, as Loraine took pictures and Bill shot a video. The wedding ended in the show room with an Italian comedian who told his jokes in English with the punch line in Italian. No one at our table understood a word with the exception of my father and me, who understand a little Italian. It didn't matter, it was just fun. We expected that our wedding was to be a sit down dinner with Vick's family in the restaurant. It turned out to be a complete wedding ceremony outside by the flowers, performed by our dear friend Dr. Lee McGunnigle, followed by a delicious dinner, music and a show. We couldn't have been happier. We'll be forever grateful to him and his wife Dorea. The only thing missing was the presence of my Dad. We wish he could have been there because he was really missed, but could not possibly make the long trip with his wife Rose. Both are in wheel chairs and on medicine administered by an assisted living home in central Pennsylvania. All we could do was accept their best wishes by phone and promise to send them some pictures and a copy of the DVD once we get it.
It was a spectacular day in both Vicki’s and my life and we will be forever grateful to Lee, Dorea and their kids and staff for providing us with such, and God for bringing us together in life.

In the night club Ball Room...

L to R
(Vick's Mom & Dad) Joe & Anita, then, Skip and Vicki

L to R

The Honorable Lee McGunnigle, Kenny, Joe, Anita, Skip, Vicki, Robin, Andrew, Rich and Katie

I now Pronounce you man and Wife...
You may Kiss the Bride.....

On our way to the table

Skip & Vick listening to Joe propose a toast! Katie and Anita listen too.

Back row
Bill, Loraine and Andrew
Skip & Vicki sitting.
Bill is our son, Loraine is our daughter-in-law and Andrew is our Grandson

Back Row
Kenny and Katie... nephew and niece.... Andrew again. Skip & Vick again too.

Lino & Pino singing to Vick and I.
Andrew listens

Bill is recording a video as Lino & Pino play music and Lee brings our cake.

Our beautiful cake from Karen @ "Two Kids Bakery" in Greenville.

Vicki and Skip dancing

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