Friday, July 3

Friday, July 3rd... Ready for the Wedding Tomorrow... Watching for Family...

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We’ve completed everything necessary for the renewal of our vows tomorrow in Tannersville and we’re simply awaiting Bill, Loraine and Andrew’s arrival this afternoon. We will exchange vows tomorrow at the Villa Vosilla in Tannersville before Mayor Lee McGunnigle, an old family friend and Vicki’s previous Chiropractor. After the ceremony, we will enjoy dinner, wine and entertainment in the Villa’s dining room where we will celebrate with family. Vick’s Mom, Dad, brother, his wife, son and daughter will venture from the mountain area beyond, to arrive at the Vosilla’s resort and our son, wife and grandson will arrive with us.
Nada Vosilla, her daughter Doria and husband Lee, along with their two daughters and one son run the Villa Vosilla year round, with great summertime outdoor activities, an outdoor and indoor pool, sauna and game room with a luxurious restaurant and dining area with an adjacent night club ballroom. We told Lee we would have our celebration anywhere in the Villa they chose to cater to us.
The Villa Vosilla is a beautiful, large Italian Resort nestled in the Catskill Mountains near all the scenic attractions, such as Haines Falls, the Katterskill Falls, Bastian Falls, the Catskill Mountain Preserve State Park, Tannersville, Hunter Mountain and Devils Tombstone State Park.

Perhaps I will work a little on the rear deck project, as far as getting the posts into position and possibly some of the header construction before family arrives. We really want to complete that project so we can cook, sit or just lounge on the rear deck even if it rains. It will also keep the rain off of the rear door and kitchen floor when a rainstorm, driven from the north east, (the ol’ Nor’easter) blows in, which presently drenches everything, even through the screens.

And........ As usual......... maybe I won’t do anything except relax until they arrive!

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