Thursday, July 2

Thurs. July 2nd... There’s Habitat for Humanity... Then There’s Habitat for Critters.......

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Thank God there are those who build homes under the program of “Habitat for Humanity” and if we felt it wasn’t a substantially supported program, we would volunteer our time. However.... many times these homes are built and occupied by under achievers and unfortunates of their own making. They willfully trash the very building or home, they were given to improve their lives. They simply are too lazy to care for the free gift, given them by others who want to give them a chance. They want to love like pigs and you cannot change that. We choose to work toward providing “Habitat for Critters”, because they have no choice. How many times have you seen deer decimate the woodlot with garbage or broken, junked items they no longer need or can use? How many times have you seen a commode in the woods with buckwheat “flowers” growing out of the bowl, that a rabbit planted or a bunch of discarded deer hides or piles of “antler sheds” lying around. We have 9 acres of land here on the farm and we developed approximately four to five of the nine, yet still allow for the wildlife to utilize, feed from and live on it all. There are still areas on the outer perimeter that we will continue to clean up from the pigs that occupied this land before us. They buried car parts, carpet, shingles, bricks and ashes all over the place and decimated trees and piled them in the swamp and woods for everyone else to look at and trip over. They had a truly poor regard for wildlife, nature and cleanliness. Slowly we are returning the area to a wildlife friendly atmosphere capable of sustaining the young of any critters that choose to call our land their home.
We have several litters of wild rabbits nesting here and under the decks. Every year in the spring, we host a large number of Canadian Wild Geese on the pond and grassy banks and the adults bring the young to within 10 feet of us as we work and watch them as they come to feed with our chickens. It’s as if they want us to meet their brood, for they know we will never hurt them. They will not even allow another Goose within 10 feet of their young without dropping their head, spreading their wings, hissing and running the other goose off, yet they allow us to be closer..... The wild rabbits don’t run from us and the Blue Heron fishes from the banks of our pond daily. We have deer that come into the yard and within 20 feet of us as they feed or bed down on the banks of the pond in shade during the mid-day heat. Occasionally, I make them move when I run the garden tractor to mow the grass, but usually they do not move to far. We love it here and appreciate everything given us to enjoy. We truly feel like stewards of the wild.

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