Thursday, July 9

Thurs. July 9th... Yesterday a Good... and a Bad Day... Still a Day All the Same...

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We started out yesterday by going to lunch after releasing all the critters to roam. We enjoyed a quick bite at Frank’s “Green Hill Café” and then sped home to get to work. I ran to the old lumber pile out by Fort Apache and loaded fifteen 2x8’s which measured 17 feel long, unto the utility trailer behind the Cub Cadet and moved them around to the rear deck area. In the mean time, Vick loaded up the compressor, hoses, nails the framing gun and saw horses from the potting shed and barn and we went to work. I cut two pieces, bent over to pick up a little sliver of wood trim and pulled a muscle in my back! Imagine... moving all those 2x8’s, some of which were soaked and weighed over fifty pounds and were awkward as hell. Now I pick up a piece of wood weighing less than ½ a pound and pulled a muscle. JEEZE!! Man I hate getting older..... ANYWAY... we continued on after taking another handful of ibuprofen and a fifteen minute break to let it kick in. We got another ten pieced marked and cut before the sky opened up and sent us running. (Well... Vick ran... I hobbled, muttering dirty words under my breath, I guess!)
The rain dragged on into the evening, so we plotted our course and figured how much metal roofing we would need to order form GNH for the roof once it is up. We will order it ASAP, so it has time to get here. After that, I sat on the sofa like a lump while my loving wife made steak, mashed potatoes and green peas for dinner. She grilled our steaks to perfection and like the lazy lump I was, I hobbled to the dining room table, to enjoy the fruits of her labor. It was the most delicious, tender steak that I’ve enjoyed in quite sometime and we both remarked about the splendid taste and how tender it was. Looks like Price Chopper has won us over and will be our exclusive shopping spot in the future.....especially with the gas reduction program they also have going on with Sunoco gas stations. The last time we shopped, we left the store and filled up on the way home for $2.17/gallon when gas was currently selling for $2.77. We actually saved a full $.60/gallon by shopping at Price Chopper. I suppose it is like the old S&H green stamps you used to get at the A&P grocery stores many years ago. You got green stamps relative to the total of your grocery shopping bill, and then you redeemed the stamps for merchandise at an S&H Green Stamp store. You actually paid for the stamp value in marked up groceries, Yet everyone still shopped there because of the stamps. I’m not so naïve to think that Price Chopper is selling me groceries cheaper than all the other stores AND giving me a sixty cents per gallon reduction at the pumps.... so I figure my entire store order is reflecting an extra $9.00 or so to cover the gas of an average fifteen gallon gas tank on the vehicles of today. (15 gal x $.60 = $9.00) This is probably true, but like the green stamps... I feel like I got something... and I want it! I actually feel like I’m sticking it to the gas pump. (though I’m still making those OPEC bastards richer) Even so, I feel better about my gas bill... and isn’t that what we all want.... Just to feel a little better.... maybe.... sometime?

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