Wednesday, July 8

Wed. July 8th... Just Another One of Those Lousy Aching Finger Days......

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Again! Rain, Again... all morning long too. After it finally stopped, we opened the doors and allowed the animals to be out and fend for themselves. We figured they were surely smart enough to step in out of the rain, so the only thing left to do them in is the hawks or foxes....... and they do what they do, when they do it. They just don’t want to do it when I can see them or they may not ever do it again.
We made several errand trips and had lunch at the bakery, then came home where I just sat and hurt all day long with the tender, thumping finger tips again. We actually saw the little blister like bumps coming out, due to the psoriasis, so I gave up and did nothing again. This is happening more and more often, so we must make an appointment with a rheumatologist to see if there is anything we can do, that we are not already doing. If I can apply the Cortisone crème and keep it from being rubbed or washed off, I can control the outbreak, but when you are working with wet wood, or sweating, it’s difficult to keep the medication on my hands, so the psoriasis runs rampant until I can no longer do anything. Then it’s a few days of sitting around with sore fingertips and bitching about bumping them on everything. ANYWAY...........

We made it into the afternoon doing little things around the house that are usually neglected, like paperwork, receipt entries into QuickBooks and cleaning, until the phone rang and we found Stanley Maltzman on the other end, inviting us to dinner in Leeds. We accepted and told Stan we would pick him up. After a nice dinner, we returned to Stan’s house where he cut two pieces of homemade apple pie for us to bring home and showed us his latest art piece he has been working on for several years. What a beauty.... I wish I could display it for all to see, but I could never do that unless Stan wanted it viewed. Stanley also recently received an award for his
Evening Embers pastel which can be easily found by simply googling “evening embers pastel”. I am amazed at how easy it is to find Stanley’s artwork on the internet, simply by searching the paintings names. I guess when you are as well known in the art world as Stan, you’re easy to find.
After viewing his work in progress, we returned home in time to place under “protective custody” until this morning when we again turned all the “critters” loose. And that was our day... not to exciting with sore fingers.... not at all.

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