Tuesday, July 7

Tues. July 7th... Work Commenced on the Rear Deck... Looking Good So Far.....

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Yesterday, we started in earnest to work upon the rear deck project and we made a significant dent in the start of it. We got all the posts in place, installed the rear header and placed two rafters on the rear side (toward the barn) and one of the five foot side rafters (toward the pool), so we could see how it would look. We think it does a real nice job as an addition to the deck, allowing us to use it when we couldn’t possibly be out there without the roof. My main concern was the way the rain blows against the kitchen door, through the screen, soaking the entire door, jam and kitchen floor sometimes. That idea aside, it will be excellent for utilization of the deck too, because you are not only out of the rain, but the blazing hot sun too. That’s never fun when you’re trying to eat and be comfortable.

We worked on the roof until we came to a problem, sat down and reasoned through the problem and picked up on the solution and continued on. At the end of the day, we were very pleased with the progression of our project. We are very slow and sure footed when working twelve feet off the deck with long timbers. I don’t heal as easy as I used to, but I certainly bounce higher, so we use extreme caution on those ladders. Since we are going to use hurricane clips and bolt plates on every joint and rafter, we will drag out the framing nail gun and compressor for today’s work. It will make securing rafters much quicker. Below are a few pictures of the project when we quit for the evening.

When we got to a point that I figured we would have just enough time to shower and get dressed for dinner, we quit working and put the tools away. Vick had already done the feeding, watering and gathering of evening eggs. That way, we were cleaned up and dressed and all we had to do was wait for darkness to envelope our farm, so we could go out and close all the animals in for the night. We were then free to take off for dinner. We headed to Tannersville for late dinner at the Villa Vosilla, where we would enjoy Lee’s excellent cuisine while listening to the masterful music of Joe Drao, Vick’s Dad. He was performing all evening and we know that there is no better way to enjoy an evening and a meal than to listen to Joe as he sings and plays for the crowd. Our pleasure was also rewarded by the company of Lee and his wife Doria as their children catered our meal to the table. We all dined and chatted as Joe entertained us in his usual eloquent manner that sets him apart from so many of the newer entertainers. His soft, perfect voice conveys true feeling in all the love songs he performs and he executes continuously without flaw. No wonder folks flock to the Villa when he performs and few entertainers today can boast of the vast age difference in his following.
When Joe entertains, he can captivate an audience of teens through older folks in their senior years; for Joe.... is a true entertainer!

Looking from the pool area.....

The roof will be great!!

Looking from the kitchen door, which will then be protected........

Oh Yeah....... Here's a little cutie we will display on our table at the Farmer's Market this Saturday. We will have a little silver laced wyandotte in it! CUTE ehhh?

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