Wednesday, July 1

Wed. July 1st... Wow...Where Does the Time Go and What Does it Ride On???

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Time must ride on the wind or the rays of sun, traveling at the speed of light! It’s July already and we wanted to be finished with all the planned work so we could put the boat on the Hudson, trout fish in the streams, go to all the summer fests and take in all the sights. Didn’t happen and if we don’t get our butts in gear we’ll miss summer!
Speaking of missing something... we’re taking the car to be inspected at 11:00Am because it ran out yesterday. ANOTHER MISS! Jeeze um... The truck and utility trailer is due this month too. I guess we’ll get them scheduled before they run out too, but for a different day.
We will travel to Agway for chick starter too as soon as we return from the inspection station this morning, then make sure we’re home for Anita and Joe’s visit on the way from his therapy session. We’ll have a bite of cold cuts, cake and coffee with them. When they leave, I believe we’ll cut a few 2x4’s as planned unless it is raining cats and dogs. Stay tuned for pictures this afternoon.

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