Tuesday, June 30

Tues. Eve, June 30th... Another Month Gone... Only 6 Months, 25 Days Till Christmas!!!

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My how time does fly... I just said to someone yesterday, “You know... in no time at all, we’ll be shoveling snow and shivering again!” How true that statement really is!

Today, we finished all the bunny cages and installed a new, rigid bottom on Wuzzy’s old cage which made him happy. I also gave him another ear mite treatment since the first was so successful. I didn’t want to miss any second generation mites that may have been in egg form when we gave Wuzzy his first treatment. If there was, he will need the treatment I just gave him to kill those mites which would have hatched by now. Soon we will start to mainstream some of the new chicks from the bunny brothel into the adult chicken population in preparation of emptying the brothel of chickens and getting it back to housing bunnies only.

Tomorrow I would like to do a little work on the gift shop. I need only to cut ten 2x4’s about 20” long for outriggers for the fly rafters on each end of the roof and I can install the overhangs and figure the porch deck material list. It must all be treated lumber, so it can’t come from Ed at Middle Field Lumber. I’ll have to get it from GNH or Lowes. Once the deck is installed, we can use Ed’s lumber for the long length porch roof rafters which will span from the peak of the roof to the porch post header. That way the front roof is all one pitch and we can use full length steel roofing that we will special order. Anyway... As soon as we order the lumber, we can go to the rear deck project which we have started, because we have all the materials for that project..... And we want to finish it so we can start using it in the evenings, even if it is raining.

We’ll have to go to Agway in the morning for chick starter crumble mix. We’re out in the bunny brothel and they still need some. I do throw a lot of layer/maintainer pellets in for the older ones, but there are a lot of young chicks we’ve recently added. We should only need one more bag of starter for the brothel and one more for the brooding house and they should all be on adult feed after that. We still need to blend the four bags of feed for the rabbits. It’s all in the back of the pickup. We need to weigh out the portions to make the feed that Claudia said the bunnies need. We’ll blend it in a plastic garbage can we have in the back shed and store it in the brothel against the wall, so we can scoop feed directly from that to feed the bunnies. There is always something to do here on the farm.

Our son Bill, daughter-in-law Loraine and Grandson Andrew will be here over the weekend for their bi-annual visit and to help us celebrate renewing our vows in marriage. It takes place in Tannersville at five o’clock where Vick’s Mom and Dad, brother and sister-in law with nephew and niece will also join in on the celebration, with dinner, drinks and dessert of wedding cake. It will be nice to do the ceremony over with all in attendance this time.

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