Tuesday, June 30

Tues June 30th... Here and There, Here and There... Around and Round We Go...

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Writing a blog on a daily basis, with two entries most of the time becomes a challenge at times. There are periods when we can write three entries each day, because there is so much going on in our lives. Of course, there is the other side of the coin also..... For there are times we cannot come up with enough new things to create an entry. These are the times I allow my imagination or silliness to run rampant and you are presented with a blog entry that possibly entertains you or brightens your day, just knowing that there are times you're allowed to be silly and laugh.

There are times when I voice my opinion which may or may not be received well... And sometimes, due to a language barrier, I am severely misunderstood. We old guys from Pennsylvania, use a language all our own. It often varies in fact, from local community to local community. Since I lived in Granville, Pa...... Mine was known as “Granvillinese”. You sometimes may not understand where I am going or where I’m coming from, but those in Granville will understand precisely. Vicki was from Brooklyn, moved to Jersey for many years and had a summer cottage in Lititz, Pa. For a long, long time, she spent her weekends among the Lancaster area people and around the Amish folk. We still have different languages. I am learning to “open” and “Close” lights... and she is learning to “worsh” clothes and run the “sweeper”. We sometimes drink her “soda” and the next time, we drink my “pop”. We make hamburgers out “chopped meat” when I actually bought “ground beef or hamburg”. Anyway..... We all speak differently and I want you all to know that I never knowingly use language that would offend anyone, so if I have done so, please accept my apology and know in your heart, that it was not meant as such. Another example of this is when we refer to an “ignorant” person, as one who commits a nasty deed against an innocent person, stated such as, “You were pretty ignorant for doing that to him.” Or “Gee, that was a really ignorant thing to say”. Vicki took personal offense one time, when she took the meaning to say she was uneducated on how to treat people, during our conversation. Thus... we found ourselves with a few language barriers we had to hurtle. Very few of you that read us, ever comment, good or bad, so it’s really difficult to tell if we offend anyone by mistake. I do get some feedback from Julie, Kelly, Helen, Marlene, Linda and Lisa, our daily followers, but not always enough to know how we are doing. Julie and Helen are the most consistent and we appreciate the feedback.... as with all of you that comment. Please keep it up.
Many of our family members don’t understand why we "bare our lives" to the internet, and don’t want us to mention them or post any family functions with their presence in the pictures. I think they are shutting off the world and not accepting the friendship and camaraderie of folks with interests such as ours. We have received many informational gifts from many people, like delicious recipes for Julia’s Corned Beef & Cabbage, knowledge about the farm and animals and other tidbits of major interest, which I would never have received if we were not out there among you all. Thank you for reading us and please pass the word that we’re here. We consider you all our close friends!

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