Sunday, August 9

For Sat. Aug 8th and Sunday Aug. 9th... Was in Poultney Vt. And Got Bunnies...

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Yesterday would not have been a good day for us to go to the Farmer’s Market, because we could not have sold enough eggs to even pay the $15.00 spot fee that “All arts matters” collects from all the vendors. We only had a few dozen eggs to sell since all our chickens are in the molt, so we headed to Vermont for the day.
Poultney Vermont, a small, quaint New England town, lies just over the Vermont border near Granville, New York. Each year, Poultney sponsors an art festival...this festival is held on a classic New England village green, replete with the white-steeple Baptist church, built in the sixteenth century. Here local craftsmen offer their creations, during an “Arts on the Green...Bringing Art Together” day, supported and sponsored by the area Chamber of Commerce. This combines with “East Poultney Day”, makes for a day of fun, since there were also many regular yard sales taking place, with the above mentioned event. Vicki and I spent several hours there enjoying everything and everyone in attendance. We spent considerable time with a very nice lady vendor, as she was spinning her wool and chatted with us about Vick some needed pointers on how to get started. We admired her many crafted items and Vick fell in love with a felted wool sheep, made exclusively of wool from one of the sheep she had at her farm, before giving all their animals up for a calmer lifestyle. Vick finally decided against buying the wool sheep and bought a very pretty, hand knitted, Alpaca stocking hat instead. It will compliment her knitted wool winter coat quite nicely.
We also bought two more German Angora rabbits from a very pretty, but extremely mature eleven year old girl who raises them for fun and profit. I will simply call her Eleanor... but I must say she is a delightful young lady and her mother is very friendly too. We purchased the rabbits and the cage from Eleanor and her mother was kind enough to drive home, to give us a plastic catch pan that goes on the bottom of the cage to catch droppings. Good luck to you Eleanor...and may you enjoy many more bunnies and the profit they bring. We certainly appreciated meeting you and your folks and will see you at future events in Poultney! Below are some pictures....

How beautiful the lanscape is up here!

This is nearing Manchester Vt. on route 7....

One of their lovely bogs.... we always look for moose.

Beautiful, lush mountains...

How could you not enjoy visiting here?

How could the residents take this all for granted???????

The art show on "The Green".

Looking east on Main Street...

Vendor booths

Looking west on Main Street

The center section of vendors...

Another line of vendors
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We had about four more chicks to transfer over when we got home last night. There were at least four more working their way out of the egg shells too, so this morning, I’d say they will be out with possibly more... who knows. Judy gave us another two dozen eggs to place in the incubator, so we’ll put them in this morning, using the still air incubator for now and we’ll transfer them over to the hot air incubator, when the present eggs are done hatching. Like we said before... it’s nice to have a brooding house where you can accommodate chicks year round. We have the “Chicks for sale” sign out at the road...right beside the “Fresh Eggs” sign, and have had inquiries and promises t return as soon as they build a coop to house them in. We have both day old straight run chicks and three month juveniles to choose from at $7.00 and $15.00. I’d say the 3 mo. pullets will lay eggs in November and day old pullets, will lay eggs starting in March of next year.

Looks like rain today... oh well, it’s been a while.... a short while!

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