Monday, August 10

Monday Aug 10th... Had a lousy Sunday afternoon and evening with hamstring...

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We have found a very possible reason for the high CPK enzyme in my blood work, which may be a direct result of the pulled hamstring I suffered in my "wrong step" from the bumper of the truck. When I went to the chiropractor the other day, he found I could not draw my knee up to my chest for him to treat the right side of my back, so he will be treating me for a hamstring injury. We all arrived at the same conclusion, that when you have a heart attack, it damages the heart muscle and drives the CPK enzyme levels up. Also, if you do excessive exercises, that muscle activity drives the CPK enzyme up too. If that is the case, then why wouldn’t a severe hamstring injury also drive the CPK levels up? It’s a no brainer. Now when I go back to Marylou, my doctor, for the results of my last blood test where she was looking for the reason, we can give her this information too. I’m sure she will not find anything else to cause it to be elevated. Now for the problem........A full month or so for a hamstring injury to heal! I need this like a hole in the head.....I have a fan to install under the rear deck roof, a gift shop to complete, a little 8x8 turkey house to build and some lights and receptacles to install in the barn loft before we are done and can relax. I wanted to get this done before summer was over so we could do more things like yesterdays trip to the art festival in East Poultney.... Fat chance it’s gonna happen the way it looks.

Today we’ll make a few phone calls and get the ISBN numbers ironed out, one assigned to the poetry book, the price of $9.95 established and the UPC code strip printed out. It’s a very detailed and complicated process to publish a fact I believe it is easier to make a million dollar withdrawal from Fort Knox, in Kentucky, than it is to do the ISBN numbers. I never saw so many forms and procedures that need to be completed......anyway, that is on tap for today.

There is much more we must do today, so I’ll fill you all in later this afternoon or this evening. We'll also post pictures of the new bunnies.

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