Monday, August 10

Mon. Eve Aug 10th... All’s Well That End’s Well.... least it ended OK...

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The day was a long, drawn out heat wave, followed by an evening thundershower. We...however, didn’t really care, because we cleaned the pool of Algae the best we could until I had to clean the filter...then start again. We went until we couldn’t see the bottom any more and threw in a ton of chlorine after Vick got out from wading to scrub with the vacuum brush. We also chucked a bottle of algaecide in too. Now the pump is running all night long to mix everything good and proper and tomorrow morning, we’ll clean the filter again. Once cleaned...we’ll sweep the bottom again. We’ve actually neglected the pool for about two or three weeks, so we can’t really complain about today’s escapades.....nor what we will face tomorrow..

We now have about thirty chicks which hatched out...and we started another 24 that Joodee gave us on Saturday to hatch too. No one has stopped except for one couple that wants to buy some chickens after they build a coop, so we may have a bunch of replacement chicks to add to our flock again... The way they get picked off by foxes and hawks, that’s not really a bad thing we have more young ones to come on board laying eggs to replace lost ones.

We went to the Freehold Country Store this morning for breakfast and I mentioned to the lady that I felt like a traitor when she gave me the eggs “over easy” as I had ordered them. She looked puzzled until Vick told her we sell eggs, and I told her we were the Cluckin’ “A” Critter Farm owners and I was kidding that our hens would be mad at me for eating someone else’s eggs. We also mentioned that we can sell in stores because we follow all of the Dept. of Agriculture’s guidelines for safe egg handling and packaging. She said that we could bring some in and sell them if we wanted to try it.... Now that’s an accomplishment for the farm! We may just take her up on that this fall and winter if we have an over abundance of eggs. I think we will however, continue to eat there year round for breakfast. Vicki loves it there, because it is and old, old country store with a double wooden and glass doors measuring ten feet high. ALL ORIGINAL... How cool. They have some left over ancient store items in there for decoration... and all in all it is very quaint and cozy, making you want to sip a cup of coffee and loaf the day away chattin’ with all the locals that cruise in and out.

I assigned my first ISBN number to my poetry book “Poetry from the heart - Unpretentious Notions of a Minimalistic Man”. The cost will be $9.95 and it will be available in October sometime. We’re still developing the wrap around cover yet, but since we have the ISBN and UPC barcode, we will be able to send the complete package off to the printers soon. We’re all psyched!!

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